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FAQs by Contractors

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Are you licensed?[Return to top]

Yes, UCS Inc. is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We would not consider doing business any other way. If you require proof or details of insurance or licensing please contact us.

Are you union affiliated?[Return to top]

UCS Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded and insured non-union affiliated concrete contractor. Despite a non-union affiliation, UCS Inc. promotes a safe and rewarding work environment to its employees. UCS Inc. actively enforces safety practices and performs weekly routine safety inspections on tools and safety equipment. Employees at UCS Inc. undergo rigorous job training to meet their job requirements. To ensure complete client satisfaction, all work is supervised by the owner of UCS Inc..

Do you do jobs that require prevailing wages?[Return to top]

Yes, we do jobs that require prevailing wage rates. Jobs that require prevailing wages, employees are paid according to the current wages set out by the prevailing wage act. For an accurate bid, please mention this requirement when giving us the opportunity to bid on your concrete project.

If you require proof of payroll for your project, contact us to provide you with a certified payroll certificate.

What safety measures do you enforce?[Return to top]

Employees at UCS Inc. are required to follow strict safety protocols as established by OSHA. Employees are required to wear appropriate clothing, shoes, helmets and safety vests at all times during the construction site.

Who are your field supervisors?[Return to top]

All jobs are supervised by the two owners of UCS Inc., Marcelo and Jairo Ortega. Marcelo has over 20 years of field experience in the concrete industry, his role is to coordinate employees and material to ensure that your project is completed on time. Jairo has an architectural background and expertise to ensure that all materials and work meet strict specifications outlined by the project. Jairo also enforces current safety practices. Together, Marcelo and Jairo Ortega work together to assure that your concrete project to be safely completed on time and as specified by even the most demanding and detailed architects and engineers.

Do you subcontract your work to others?[Return to top]

Absolutely not. All concrete work is performed by UCS Inc., we will never subcontract the work out to anybody. We like to keep things simple and for you to deal with us directly.

Can you provide submitals?[Return to top]

Yes, upon request we can provide you with detailed submittal documents for the materials and resources that are needed to complete your project. Upon request, concrete test cylinders are also available for concrete testing and engineering purposes. Mock-up samples of concrete finishes and applications are also available per request of the contractor, architect, or engineer.

Can you provide scheduling for projects?[Return to top]

Yes, upon request we can provide you with a thorough work schedule for your project that outlines day-by-day specific tasks.

Can you provide references?[Return to top]

Yes, over the years, UCS Inc. has established a strong list of satisfied clientele. To protect the privacy of our clients, references are only available upon request. Please contact us to request a reference list.

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